Hunger is such a large, social issue. Through my research I have found that there are more articles/editorials talking about hunger and its “fixes” rather than its causes. This fact troubles me as I am having difficulty with the very issue that my agency does not address the cause, but rather provides an immediate fix. I have mentioned this issue a lot because it continues to bother me and inhibit my passion for the work I am doing.

Honestly, right now I am a little disappointed with my service opportunity. I feel selfish for feeling this way. Is it that I am too lazy to help and its getting old? Maybe but I think there is more to it. I continue to think about how different my experience could be if only I had been paired with the agency that I wanted. Selfish. Why do I keep thinking about this when there is no chance of that becoming reality? I am irritated with my work because it feels shallow right now. I am irritated that I am irritated because I had been so looking forward to this program and all it could offer me, and I, it.

Maybe things will change after I have been at the agency longer. Maybe I will all of a sudden be passionate about putting cans from a shelf into a cart. Who knows?

This is how I was feeling on Thursday, September 29.

Today, I am more optimistic. After speaking with my supervisor, I feel like the work I will be starting has more depth. I am encouraged by the project I will be doing for next week’s writing: a ride along with the mobile food pantry narrative (including photos) for the organization’s blog. I am intrigued by the opportunity for creative choices rather than the monotonous work of a volunteer, which had composed my first two weeks. Although it was not inspiring for me, it did provide me with some insight into the whole volunteerism vs. service learning conversation. I realize that I actually disliked the work of a volunteer. Acknowledging this lead me to give back a small amount of credit to being a “charitable volunteer.” So maybe my temporary work as a volunteer did serve a purpose, even if it was just for me to realize that I am grateful for the work I will be doing for the rest of the year.

writting by Bri Dressel, ECC student working with DMARC