Time is often an individual’s most precious resource and is the most sought after commodity by those in need. Deciding where to put your time can be a difficult task, and many do not often consider community service as a top priority when dividing their time. However, community service provides many benefits to individuals and particularly to students.

Community service provides a psychological benefit. Not only do you feel better about yourself and the role you are playing in your community, but giving your time to a cause that is unrelated to your life can reduce stress.

Community service provides a social benefit. You are going out and interacting with members of your community. New relationships are formed and old friendships can be strengthened by volunteering together.

Community service provides an academic benefit. Individuals, and especially students, are able to go out into their communities and gain outside knowledge that relates to social justice issues, the workings of the government, and community specific education. Community service also allows for taking skills and knowledge gained in a classroom and applying them to real-world examples.

Lastly, community service allows individuals to make a difference. Though the difference is small, unity and working together makes a bigger impact than any one person could ever make on their own. Therefore, each individual contributing their time and effort toward community service helps to make a difference.

Follow these links for more reasons why community service is important and how it benefits individuals in a number of ways:





Next week we will focus on specific benefits community service provides to communities in need.

written by Gabrielle Miller